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Language requirements

We generally require a B2 Language Level (the level is according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages -CEFR), unless it is stated otherwise in the Inter-Institutional Agreement.

Financial matters 

The start date of the mobility period shall be the first day that the participant needs to be present at NKUA and the end date shall be the last day the participant needs to be present at NKUA. One day for travel before the first day of the activity and one day for travel following the last day of the activity shall be added to the duration of the mobility period and included in the calculation for individual support. The total duration of the mobility period should have a minimum of 5 days per mobility activity. A minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week has to be respected.

The financial support or part of it shall be recovered if the participant does not carry out the mobility activity in compliance with the terms of the agreement he/she has signed. However, reimbursement shall not be requested when the participant has been prevented from completing his/her mobility activities due to force majeure

Erasmus+ International Mobility incoming academic staff are required to have a bank account in their name at home country. Within 30 calendar days following the signature of the Grant and Mobility agreements by both parties, a pre-financing payment representing 70% of the financial support (including the individual support and the travel support) shall be made to the participant.

NKUA shall pay the remaining 30% of the financial support after the successful submission of the online EU survey that will be sent to the participant after the end of the mobility period. The evaluation of the 30% or the remaining amount will be made after the final estimation of the mobility period. Otherwise, within the period of 45 days a recovery will be issued in case a reimbursement is due. 

The participant must provide proof of the actual dates of start and end of the mobility period based on the Certificate of Teaching. The boarding passes and tickets are the supporting documents of the participant’s mobility between the Sending Institution and NKUA and indicate the participant’s place of departure and arrival.

Visa information 

Incoming staff from non-EU countries -except for some cases- need to apply for a visa, prior to their arrival in Greece. It is advised to start the visa application process as soon as possible, since the procedures can require a considerable amount of time.

See the list of countries requiring or not requiring a visa at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic http://www.mfa.gr/en/visas/visas-for-foreigners-traveling-to-greece/countries-requiring-or-not-requiring-visa.html

  • For your visa, you will need an Invitation Letter from NKUA which you will get both by e-mail and by post.
  • You should contact the nearest authorized Greek Consulate and receive information regarding all the necessary documents, as well as the formal application procedure (Greek Missions around the world can be found at: http://www.mfa.gr/en/appendix/greece-bilateral-relations/a.html)

Insurance matters 

Once accepted for Erasmus+ International mobility at NKUA, please ensure that you have the following compulsory -by the European Commission-  insurance coverage:

  • Health care insurance (basic health insurance coverage is provided normally by the national health insurance of the participant during his/her stay in another country. However, the coverage of the basic health Insurance or private insurance may not be sufficient, especially in case of repatriation and specific medical intervention. In that case, a complementary private insurance might be useful). Your insurance should be issued from your Home Country and should be valid during your stay in Greece, issued or translated in English.
  • Personal accident coverage (covering personal injury and/or damages caused to the participant as a person in the course of ordinary activities in the workplace resulting from accidents at work) issued from your Home Country and valid during your stay in Greece, issued or translated in English.