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Coronavirus: Announcement


Dear students,

Due to the COVID-19 situation in Greece and since we consider your safety our top priority we would like to inform you that following the health restrictions announced by the Ministry of Education, face to face courses as well as laboratory practices of both undergraduate and postgraduate level that include physical presence are now suspended. Research assignments and theses requiring physical presence, are suspended as well. As far as the spring semester courses are concerned, they will be conducted on line in the beginning (either from your Home country or from Athens) and later, hopefully, will be continued with your physical presence.

The exact length of each part (on-line courses and face-to-face tutoring) of this period of blended mobility cannot be presently announced. It will be decided in reference to the challenging situation of COVID-19 and always in compliance with the latest guidelines of our National Authorities. The starting date of the winter semester at your host School/Department will be considered as the starting date of your study period at NKUA.

Taking into consideration that during the last months internships carried out in health units and hospitals have been suspended, we consider further suspension regarding the spring term very likely. However in case that epidemiological indicators allow it, Erasmus+ for Traineeship requests will be examined individually on a departmental basis after March 2021.

Regarding the Greek language courses, which will be conducted the same way, you have to apply till 28 January 2021 through the webpage https://en.greekcourses.uoa.gr/  and then you will receive further information by the Greek Language Teaching Centre.

The Orientation Day will be held digitally on the 8th of February, 2021 at 12:00.  You will receive further information in the following days.

Finally we would like to stress that you should organize your physical mobility after having confirmed that your expenses (plane ticket, accommodation, etc.) can be refunded. You are also advised to follow all travel restrictions as indicated on the website https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/GRC/5001 and to visit our website http://en.interel.uoa.gr/erasmus.html frequently.



Dear students,
We would like to inform you that a nationwide lock down was announced yesterday, effective from Saturday, November 7th.

As of Saturday, Nov. 7th, at 6:00 am and until November 30th, the following restrictions will be in place:
Citizens will be allowed to leave their homes for a limited number of activities, such as essential shopping, medical reasons, helping a person in need, physical exercise or walking a pet (within your area of residence).

  • Please note that you can only leave your home after sending a text message to the 13033 number (free of charge). In the message, you have to include your name and address as well as the reason for movement, stating the appropriate code (numbers 1-6).

The six reasons are:
1. Visiting a pharmacy or a doctor, the latter by appointment only;
2. Going to a supermarket or grocery store, when delivery is not an option;
3. Visiting a bank when an online transaction is not possible;
4. Providing assistance to someone in need or chaperoning children to/from school;
5. Attending a funeral or exercising parental visitation rights;
6. Physical exercise or walking a pet – up to two people can engage in these activities on the condition that they maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from one another.

The SMS message should be as follows:
Number (corresponding to one of the reasons above), Name- Surname, Home address

Alternatively, you can fill out a handwritten note stating your name, home address, destination and reason for circulation (from the ones listed above) followed by date/ time/ signature.

  • Anyone leaving the house will have to carry a valid identification card or document with them in case they are stopped by the police.
  • The use of masks remains mandatory in all public spaces.
  • Traveling between regions is forbidden.
  • All shops, restaurants and entertainment venues will be closed. Pharmacies, supermarkets and grocery stores will be open.
  • As far as universities are concerned, all classes will be taught online. The University Restaurants  will operate normally, however  the restaurant area will not be available for onsite consumption.  Meals will be distributed in individual (aluminum) packaging to each student and should be consumed  within two hours in a private place.  The opening hours will be from 12:00-16:00 and from 17:30-20:30.  Reading rooms will be closed and libraries will operate exclusively online (please visit the relevant webpage for further information: http://www-en.lib.uoa.gr/ ).

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Latest information for incoming Erasmus+ students (winter semester 2020-21)

Dear students,

Following the announcement of 3/8/2020 kindly be advised that the conduction of courses will be blended which means that, according to our plans, the lectures will begin online (either from your Home countries or from Athens) and will switch to face to face tutoring later during this semester.  The exact time of this transition cannot be estimated at present since it will be decided in accordance with the epidemiologic situation in Greece.

The only exception will be for the Greek language courses which will be conducted by face to face tutoring in small groups (about 15 students each).  By the end of the week you will receive information on the registration procedures.

In addition most of our laboratories and clinics will be conducted in small groups.  Your Coordinators will further inform you.

Our Libraries will operate normally, taking into consideration the required measures for the students’ safety.

The Orientation Day will be held digitally on the 25th of September, 2020 (11:00a.m.).  You will receive further information in the following days.

Once again we would like to underline that although Greece is, so far, a safe country and has coped with COVID-19 satisfactorily, we are facing an unpredictable situation which doesn’t allow us to organize the mobility as usual.  We will keep you informed on any possible change/direction following the instructions taken by the University’s governing bodies and/or our National Authorities.

Information on current regulations for travelers to Greece is available via the interactive tool that the European Union has established: https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/GRC

and on the website of the General Secretariat for Civil Protections https://travel.gov.gr/.

We are looking forward to receiving you all and we wish you a safe trip to Athens!


Information about the winter semester 20-21 and the implications of COVID-19

Dear students,

Although the situation in Greece is quite safe now the estimation that there will be a new wave of pandemic in autumn, forces us to organize the conduction of courses for the winter semester 2020-2021 initially (for the first weeks/months) online -either from your country or after your arrival in Athens-  and then by face-to-face tutoring.

The exact length of each part (on-line courses and face-to-face tutoring) of this period of blended mobility cannot be presently announced.  It will be decided in reference to the challenging situation of COVID-19 and always in compliance with the latest guidelines of our National Authorities. 

The starting day of the winter semester at your host School/Department will be considered as the starting date of your study period at NKUA.

The Orientation Day is scheduled to be held digitally.  You will be further informed by email in early September (information will be also announced on our webpage).

Information about the Greek language course will be announced on our webpage in the following days.

It is recommended to organize your physical mobility after having secured that your expenses (plane ticket, accommodation, etc.) can be refunded.  


Update on COVID-19 situation 

Dear students,

Since the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and the suspension of NKUA's operation might be expanded we would like to underline  that your safety is the top priority of our Institution.  Therefore, you are advised to consider your next steps by estimating the current situation and in accordance with your Home University's instructions.

From our end in collaboration with our Academic Coordinators we will offer you the possibility of distance education so as not to deprive you from completing your participation in Erasmus+ programme even if you decide to return to your countries.

Therefore, most of our Coordinators will either accept the submission of an essay from your countries or will offer lectures via the Skype for Business programme.

Our information about each department's policy will be sent to the students, according to their registration department.  In any case you are advised to be in contact with your Coordinators and with our office.

Please keep us informed about the status of your studies and about your possible return to your countries.

Also you are advised to be in contact with your Embassy in Athens.


 Update on COVID-19 situation  

Due to the evolving situation regarding COVID-19, the Greek Authorities decided the suspension of  all Universities' operation from 11/3/2020 until 24/3/2020 (March 25th is a National Holiday). This is one of the precautions measures although, at present, no member of the University community has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Department of European and International Relations office, the Secretariats of the Departments and  other administrative units  will operate normally with an exception of March 12th and 13th. However, students are encouraged to communicate with the Erasmus office and with the administrative staff at their departments for any possible issue via digital communication.

All incoming students are advised to contact their Departmental Coordinators in order to be advised about their study programme.

Partners  and the incoming students will be continuously informed about the current situation by email and  via official website.