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Students who are residents of the EU countries (and also from Norway, Iceland, Liechtensteinor Switzerland) should obtain, before their departure from their country, the European Health Insurance Card

Upon their registration at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, all exchange students will obtain a medical care booklet and thus they are entitled to free full medical care (including medication٭ and hospital treatment٭٭).



Whenever students need medical care, they may address to the Medical Service of the University Club:
15, Ippokratous Str. (1st floor), tel. 210 3688 208/218, by presenting their medical care booklet.


Visitation hours of the Medical Service of the University Club

Pathologist: Everyday from 8:00am to 13:00 pm

Dentist:  Upon appointment  

Dermatologist:  Every Tuesday and Thursday from 14:30pm -17:00 pm

Psychosocial Intervention Unit : Every Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday



٭        For any medicines prescribed, students must present their medical care booklet (within two days of the issue of the prescription) to the doctor of the Medical Service of the University Club in order to be validated (every day from 8:30a.m.-13:30p.m.).

٭٭     In cases where hospitalization is required (only at a public hospital) students must present the documents issued by the hospital,  which pertain to the hospitalization, to the Medical Service of the University Club.