The Athens University History Museum is located in one of the oldest residential buildings still standing in Athens today. It dates before the 18th century and it is situated beneath the imposing heights of the Acropolis with a panoramic view of Plaka, the Ancient Agora, the Athens Observatory and the Lycabbetus Hill.

The historical building was the home of the architect Stamatios Kleanthis and is also known as the Old University, since, from 1837 and for four years, it functioned as the first University of the independent Greek state. The Athens University History Museum was inaugurated in 1987, in the context of the celebrations for the 150th Anniversary of the University of Athens.

The principal aims of the Museum are the collection, preservation, study, conservation and presentation of the University’s heirlooms.

The Museum’s collections consist of books (works by the University's Professors, old and rare editions), manuscripts, diplomas, scientific instruments (for medicine, physics, chemistry, pharmacology), portraits, photographs, medals, seals and University memorabilia.

If one considers the contribution that the University of Athens has made to the development of the scientific, academic, cultural and political life of Greece, particularly in the 19th century, it may be appreciated that in many respects this museum illustrates much more than just the history of the University; it also constitutes an important guide to modern Greek history in general. Additionally, the varied nature of the Museum’s collections makes the visit to the Museum a magical adventure in the world of science, art and history.



The Museum organizes daily guided tours for school children, students and groups in the Greek, the English and the French language, subject to prior arrangement.


There are also special educational programmes for children from the last classes of primary school.


The Museum often organizes temporary exhibitions with exhibits form its collections or in collaboration with other Museums and institutions. From May until October, the Museum’s courtyards are suitable for holding theatrical and musical performances under the rock of the Acropolis. Throughout the year, the Museum’s ground floor functions as a multi-purpose hall where lectures, conferences, seminars, film showings, temporary exhibitions etc, are held.


The diversity of the Museum’s collections provided the source of inspiration for the office items, gifts and souvenirs available in the shop.

The Museum is a member of the Network of Museums and Cultural Institutions of the Athens Historical Centre


The admission to the Museum is free and participation in guided tours and educational programmes is for free.


Tholou 5, Plaka, 105 56 Athens

Tel.: 210 368 9500-10

Fax.: 210 368 9501

e-mail: museum[at]uoa[dot]gr

website : http://www.history-museum.uoa.gr

Opening Hours


From 1st October to 31st May

Monday - Friday 09.30 - 14.30


From 1st June to 30th September

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 09.30 – 14.30

Monday & Wednesday 09.30 – 14.30 & 18.00 – 21.00


The Museum is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, except the first and the last Sunday of each month when the Museum is open to the public from 11.00 until 16.00.




From the Tower of the Winds in Plaka, you should walk in the direction of the Acropolis up Markou Avriliou Street, then climb the steps of Aliberti Street where you will meet the main entrance to the Museum.



At the end of Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, follow the paved road across Dionysos restaurant that leads to Theorias Street. After approximately 500 meters and on your left hand side you will find Klepsydras Street where you will meet the side entrance to the Museum.