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Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility 

Under Erasmus+ International Mobility programme, a University in a Partner Country can send its students or staff to a partner HEI in a Programme Country, and vice versa. Students are able to study abroad for a limited period of 3 to 12 months for which credits are obtained. Similarly, staff can spend a teaching and/or training period abroad for up to 2 months.

The Erasmus+ programme refers to 'Programme Countries' and 'Partner Countries'. Programme Countries are those countries participating fully in the Erasmus+ programme. To do so, they have set up a National Agency and contribute financially to the programme.

The Programme Countries are:

  • The 27 EU Member States, and;
  • Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, North Macedonia and Turkey.           

Partner Countries, are other countries in the world, grouped together in different regions.
For more, see at https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/about/who-can-take-part_en

Before the mobility activity can take place, institutions from Partner Countries must sign an Inter-institutional agreement with institutions from Programme Countries involved. By signing an inter-institutional agreement, the institutions commit themselves to respecting the principles and quality requirements of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) relating to the organisation and management of mobility, and agree on a series of measures to ensure high quality mobility.

Programme Countries institutions are responsible for signing the grant agreements with the participants and administer all grant payments for mobility to Europe ("incoming") and from Europe ("outgoing"). 

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens -NKUA- has signed several Inter-institutional agreements which include staff mobility for a short teaching period and student mobility for studies. 
For the available for funding mobilities from NKUA to partner universities and vice versa, see here.

The teaching mobilities concern a short teaching period of 5 days plus 2 travel days (1 day prior to the first teaching day and 1 day after the last teaching day) with minimum 8 hours of teaching and student mobilities concern studies at the above mentioned departments of NKUA for a semester.

Partner institutions select their staff and students and send the nominations to NKUA together with the required documents. See in the subsections of this site the procedure in details. Nominations outside the agreed field of study are not acceptable.

After that, the participants must read carefully all information posted on this website and submit all required documents on time.


Nomination deadline for teaching staff mobility for spring semester: November 30th
Application deadline for teaching staff mobility for spring semester: January 15th

Nomination deadline for student mobility for spring semester: November 30th
Application deadline for student mobility for spring semester: December 15th