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  • Upon receipt of nominations from Home Universities,  students will be notified by email that they can start the Application procedure.
  • Upon receipt of our email,  all Erasmus+ incoming students should:

Proceed with the submission of the Online Application Form, according to our instructions.

Submit by email to the Erasmus Office (dvelin[at]uoa[dot]gr) the following documents:

    1. The Learning Agreement for Studies (which can be obtained by the Erasmus office of the Home University). Each Learning Agreement has to be signed by the student and the Academic Coordinator of Home University.
    2. A readable copy either of a valid Passport or  Identity Card.
    3. A copy of a valid European Health Insurance Card or of a Private Health Insurance Contract for students of countries that do not issue the EHIC (in case that the card is not issued yet, students should send it to us as soon as they obtain it and definitely before their arrival).
    4. A copy of a current Transcript of Records.

Our office will then evaluate if students are qualified for admission, and whether the suggested course programme is accepted.

Please note that incomplete or overdue applications will not be processed!

  • After the submission of the Online Application Forms and the other requested documents:

-   The Learning Agreements will be reviewed by the Academic Coordinator in order to be approved and signed.
-   The approved countersigned Learning Agreements along with an official Acceptance Letter will be sent directly to each student via email. The estimated time for the reception of the above documents is approximately 4 weeks from the submission of the requested documents to our Department.

Only after the reception of the Acceptance Letter students can consider their participation as final.