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Erasmus+ for Traineeship

Students that are interested in obtaining practical experience at NKUA can apply for an Erasmus+ traineeship period (e.g. clinical rotations, teaching, research, laboratory work etc.)atrelevant Departments of the University. They are not allowed to sign up for courses.

For the participation to the  programmethe existence of a bilateral agreement between the two Universities is not obligatory.

Students for Traineeships need to apply first at the International Relations Department of their Home University in order to be informed about the prerequisites of their participation and in order to ensure theirselectionby their Home University to the  Erasmus+ for Traineeship programme.


How to apply for a Traineeship at NKUA

The procedure that students have to follow in order to  apply for an Erasmus+ Traineeship within the academic departments of the NKUA is the following:

  1. Send the document Request for Erasmus Traineeship along with the attachments required.
    The email should be addressed to the European and International Relations Department of NKUA (erasmus[at]uoa[dot]gr).
  2. The European and International Relations Department will forward the email to the relevant Coordinators.
  3. After the process of your documents you will be informed whether or not your request has been accepted.


After having been accepted for a Traineeship at NKUA

Once  the students' request for an Erasmus+ Traineeship at NKUA is accepted by our relative Departmental Coordinator(s),  our Department will send an email to the students to inform them that they can start the Application procedure. Upon receipt of our email all Erasmus+ for Traineeships students should:

  • Proceed with the submission of the Online Application Form, according to our instructions (Please read them thoroughly before starting the procedure).
  • Submit by email to the Erasmus Office (annikachatz[at]uoa[dot]gr) the following documents:
  1. The Learning Agreement for Traineeship (which can be obtained by the Erasmus office of the Home Institution).
    Each Learning agreement has to be signed by the student, the home University and the Coordinator at the Department of our University responsible for hosting the student.
  2. A readable copy of a valid Passport or Identity Card.
  3. A readable copy of a valid European Health Insurance Card or of a Private Health Insurance Contract for students of countries that do not issue the EHIC (in case that the card is not issued yet students should send it to us as soon as they obtain it and before their arrival). The students should ensure that the medical insurance certification covers them for the whole period of Erasmus+ participation.
  4. An insurance for Personal Accident and Civil Liability.  It is strongly recommended to have these documents on time. (Information for this can be obtained from your Home University).

Before sending these documents, students should verify that their home University has sent to the Erasmus Office (erasmus[at]uoa[dot]gr) a nomination e-mail stating that they have been selected to register at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens for a training period under the Erasmus+ for Traineeship programme. 


The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens as a Host Institution, doesn’t provide the students with a grant or with any kind of insurance. For these issues the students have to contact their Home Institution.