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Information concerning courses and other academic matters can be obtained:

a) By contacting the Academic Coordinator, responsible for each bilateral agreement (LIST OF ACADEMIC COORDINATORS 2021-2022). Students are advised to contact their Academic Coordinator of the NKUA in good time in order to ensure the availability of selected courses and to clarify the ECTS credits that will be awarded for the selected courses.

b) By visiting the website of the University Departments (https://en.uoa.gr/schools_and_departments/). Students have to take into consideration that the courses will not be updated until the summer, so they are advised to select their courses according to the previous academic year’s course info. 

c) By contacting the Erasmus+ Administrative staff at the Secretariats of the Departments (see APPENDIX II).

After the selection of courses they must fill in the On-line Learning Agreement (OLA) and have it signed by the Academic Coordinators of both Universities.

Student’s programme of studies will be discussed and finalized with their Academic Coordinators upon their arrival in Athens.


The elective course “Contemporary Greece: History, Arts and Letters” Erasmus A’ (for the first semester- Code 68ΘΣ33) and Erasmus B’ (for the second semester - Code 68ΘΣ41) is addressed to all incoming Erasmus+ students despite the main field of their studies.  It is organized by the Department of Theatre Studies in collaboration with academics from the School of Philosophy and it offers an introduction to Greek history and culture, since the creation of the Modern Greek State.

Participating lecturers:

Linguistics:  Amalia Mozer
History:  Anna Karakatsouli
Literature: Thanassis Agathos
Film: Anna Poupou
Theatre:  Platon Mavromoustakos
Literature: Kirki Kefalea
Music:  Minas Alexiadis

The course is taught in English twice every week.  Students are asked  to present small papers [through e-class or hard copy (700-1200 words)] and a final essay (5.000-8.000 words) on any of the topics taught depending on their own specific interest after agreement with the lecturers.  The attendance is obligatory.

Academic CoordinatorProfessor Platon Mavromoustakos
Department of Theatre Studies (office 912 – 9th floor)
email address: platon[at]theatre.uoa[dot]gr 

  • Duration of the Course: 8 weeks 
  • Language of the Course: English
  • ECTS: Six (6)
  • Place of the courses:  School of Philosophy, Department of Theatre Studies, 9th floor (room 916b)
  • Courses Timetable: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 15:00p.m. to 18:00p.m.